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Tenant Improvements – Facility IT Readiness Eval

February 24, 2010

Considering moving to a new facility? Many business owners and managers have found moving to a new facility / office is a great way to save money during these challenging times. With commercial vacancy rates at historic highs commercial real estate owners are cutting deals to get tenants into their properties. This means that there are some very good deals to be had and many owners are negotiating large allowances for needed repairs and ‘Tenant Improvements’. If you’re considering a move keep in mind that existing phone and data (low voltage) wiring isn’t guaranteed to be secure or functional and can be very costly if you are unaware of major work that needs to be done prior to having a functioning network.fluke

Top Speed is now offering a Facility IT Readiness Evaluation to give prospective lessees the insight needed to help maximize your negotiating power on allowances and Tenant Improvements.

If you’re looking at a new or different facility, Top Speed Computer Services can be utilized to perform a Facility IT Readiness evaluation. Would you buy a home without a home inspection – why lease an office without a Facility IT Readiness evaluation? This is highly advantageous for you to be aware of required expenditures in a new facility and negotiate tenant improvement allowances and other concessions ahead of time.

The following outlines the Facility IT Readiness evaluation program options:
 Complimentary Service – visual evaluation to determine if low voltage wiring appears to be functional, consolidated and secure. No guarantees.
 $100 Spot Check – Includes complimentary service and mapping/service test of 5-25% of ports (depending on size of facility).
 Complete Inspection Service – Includes complimentary service, mapping/service test of all ports and general inspection of wiring for potential future service problems such as; tears, pulls, cuts and other electrical devices that can interfere with low voltage service. *This service is available on an hourly basis or per bid.

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Is Your Technology Hurting Your Business?

February 11, 2010

For many businesses, Technology has been addressed through convenience, immediate necessity, and biased advice instead of using a strategically planned path, and due diligence. Convenience, immediate necessity and biased advice create a Technology hurt that affects your bottom line.

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