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Why Every Business Owner’s New Year’s Resolution Should Be to Fire Themselves from Their Technology Department

Business owners love planning, creating, promoting and selling their business, and most dread dealing with technology – so then why do so many insist on trying to manage it? The answer for many is simple, it’s a nuisance that is an absolute requirement for their business’s functionality, any down time hurts the bottom line, but…

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Fake Emails Arriving In Your Inbox

It appears efforts have been redoubled, in the last few days, by would-be cyber criminals to get to your personal information.  That or there’s suddenly a whole new group of them who really aren’t very good at it.  See below for a recent example.  It’s both poorly done and obviously a fake.  Although it appears…

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More New Domain Extensions Release Today

Another set of domain name extensions were released today.  These new extensions are for the most part trade oriented, with a big emphasis in the construction industry.  Some would seem a little redundant like .CONTRACTORS and .CONSTRUCTION.  There are also a fair share of leisure oriented extensions, .BIKE, .VOYAGE and .GALLERY to name a few.…

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Bitcoins Free Fall

Purportedly on bad news from China Bitcoin’s value has plummeted in the last few days. The drop is believed to be a result of China’s largest Bitcoin exchange, BTC China, being forced to stop accepting deposits.  From Bloomberg News “Chinese central bank officials told third-party payment service providers to stop offering clearing services to online…

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