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A Copycat Of CryptoLocker Has Appeared In The Wild

September 15, 2014

Another group has made a copycat of CryptoLocker, and they’ve gone so far as to even use the CryptoLocker name.  Although recently some users are now seeing the infection as TorrentLocker, perhaps the original creators of CryptoLocker are feeling territorial about use of their name.  Beyond stealing the name and being a ransomware infection, these […]

Hackers Gain Access To Nude Celebrity Photos, Does This Relate To The iCloud Ransomware From May?

September 2, 2014

In May of this year we brought you the story of the Ransomware infiltrating iOS devices via iCloud’s “Find my iPhone” feature.  As we discussed in the article this meant that the cyber criminal now had full access to these individual’s iCloud accounts and all things stored there, including any questionable pictures. However, in the […]

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