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Great News In The Battle Against Tech Support Scams

November 19, 2014

November 10, 2014 the Federal Trade Commission along with local Delray Beach Florida law enforcement raided the facilities of OMG Tech Help and Vast Tech Support effectively closing down these and related businesses for engaging in deceptive business practices by running “a multi-million dollar computer repair scheme that exploits consumers’ fears about computer viruses, malware […]

First WireLurker – Now Masque Attack

November 12, 2014

Reports are out on another even more dangerous iOS malware in the wild – Masque Attack. Masque Attack shows that Apple’s ban of the WireLurker infected apps have been ineffective as Masque Attack is utilizing the same provisioning loophole that WireLurker used. The vulnerability exists because iOS doesn’t enforce matching certificates for apps with the […]

Net Neutrality Is All Over The News Again – But Is It Good Or Bad?

Net Neutrality comes down to two basic sides.  One side believes governments need to get involved to regulate and prevent artificial controls believed to be put on the Internet by telecoms either by limiting access through their pipelines or by blocking content.  The other side believes that government interference aka regulations will damage Internet access […]

The Hits Keep Coming To Apple’s iOS

November 6, 2014

Another bit of malware, named WireLurker, has been discovered targeting iPhones and iPads. iPhone and iPads are infected when the device is connected through USB to a Mac computer where an infected OS X app has been downloaded. The source of the infection is reported to be third-party OS X apps in the Maiyadi App […]

Operation Pawn Storm – Social Engineering Leaves Everyone Vulnerable

If you’ve ever felt angry, irritated or upset at yourself for falling for some cleverly worded email and clicking on the attachment thereby infecting your computer or your company’s network with something awful, you’re not alone! The point of social engineering is both to get around standard network security setups and to dupe individuals at […]

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