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10-Year Old Girl Targeted Online By Pedophiles

First no one should be surprised by this headline; it’s the day and age we live in and there is a certain amount of pseudo anonymity online making some believe they are safe to act however they please. For instance you find all sorts of things online that only the lowest of the low would…

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Get Ready For Spring Cleaning

An often over looked part of spring cleaning is that ten year old computer sitting in the corner or those 3 ten year old computers sitting in the back of the garage.  But they don’t take up much room right and you don’t want to lose whatever important documents or files you’re sure are on those hard…

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Most Popular Websites 1996-2013

On the heels of our last post about the top Google searches for 2014, let’s take a look at the top Websites from 1996 to 2013.  It’s easy to forgot how dominant AOL once was. 1996 – AOL 1997 – AOL 1998 – AOL 1999 – AOL 2000 – AOL 2001 – AOL 2002 –…

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Top 10 Searches of 2014

Every December Google releases the top 10 searches of the previous 12 months, both for the US and Globally, did you Google all of these in 2014? US Searches Robin Williams World Cup Ebola Malaysia Airlines Flappy Bird ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ISIS Ferguson Frozen Ukraine Global Searches Robin Williams World Cup Ebola Malaysia Airlines…

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