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Top 10 Google Searches of 2016

Every year Google releases the top 10 searches of the previous 12 months, both for the US and Globally, did you Google all of these in 2016? US Searches Powerball Prince Hurricane Matthew Pokemon Go (the follow up to Olympics David Bowie Trump Election Hillary Clinton Global Searches Pokemon Go iPhone 7 Donald…

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Why Tech Support Scams Are So Prolific

As most people realize the first reason there are so many tech support scams is they are a cash cow for those perpetrating them. The second reason is those who are working to profit off of tech support scams are not just running a single scam website, they are running scams across multiple websites, all…

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Tech Support Scams Are Constantly Adapting

Tech support scammers are always working to create the next great financial windfall for themselves.  These scams can arrive on your screen as fake popups from Apple, Paypal, Microsoft, your Internet Service Provider, basically anything that the scammers think you’ll find believable. In an effort to educate our readers on the variety of ways tech…

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Malware Being Delivered Through Ask Tookbar

The Ask Toolbar is possibly one of the most insidious software addons in existence. Most people find they have the Ask Toolbar and aren’t even really sure how it happened. Now that Ask has been exploited it’s even more important to get rid of it. Most people acquire the Ask Toolbar as an addon to…

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