Another Example of Harmful Email

This is a great example of email that is harboring something malicious.  First it’s got that eye catching subject “Unpaid fine #2114758” causing many people to go, hey wait I don’t have any fines, let alone any unpaid fines!!!  

The body of the email basically says you need to get your fine paid and even throws in “Police” for an added extra touch.  But they really get you by not putting anything of substance in the email – a municipality, must pay before May 19th 2014, your ID is some random characters.  The important piece of information is contained “in the attachment.”








Open me!!! 


Hopefully you never get that urge and click on an unknown zip file!  Among other kinds of nasty malware, CrytoLocker is known to be delivered in a zip file and that should be reason enough to never open any kind of zip file from anyone you don’t know.

Cyber Criminals are working hard to play on fear and other emotions to get you to open the attachment or click on a link.  Resist the urge to click.  Always keep in mind that important documents will only rarely come to you via email and those are the kinds of documents you should be expecting to receive.  Documents from a court, police or collections will likely never come via email.




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