Bamboo Gear! Cooling Notebook Stand



What do you get the techie who has every cool gadget their is?  How about something both techie, trendy and efficient?  It’s a rare combination, but we think you’ll agree all those things can be found in this Bamboo Cooling Notebook Stand by Macally.

Bamboo1The ECOFANPRO includes two 2.5″ fans for maximum heat dissipation and the ECONFAN-LX includes one extra large fan.  For anyone who uses a laptop on a regular basis you know how much heat they can build up.  In the cold months of the year no one minds too much, unless they are working with the laptop on their laps, but in the summer months the last thing you want is to be working in close proximity to a space heater.

Macally has tackled the heat issue and used beautiful bamboo to do it.  Both stands support multiple sizes of notebooks, but have a maximum of 17″.

So for that techie with a summer birthday or just Christmas in July this Cooling Notebook would make an excellent gift!


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