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Enter to Win a 480Gb SSD!

Enter to win an OCZ Vector 150 480Gb SSD Drive from Tom’s Hardware in conjunction with OCZ Storage Solutions.  The contest runs 1/31/14-2/14/14 and what a great Valentine’s Day present to yourself an SSD drive would be!  ENTER NOW! [whohit]OCZGiveaway[/whohit]…

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More New Domain Extensions Release Today

Another set of domain name extensions were released today.  These new extensions are for the most part trade oriented, with a big emphasis in the construction industry.  Some would seem a little redundant like .CONTRACTORS and .CONSTRUCTION.  There are also a fair share of leisure oriented extensions, .BIKE, .VOYAGE and .GALLERY to name a few.…

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Microsoft and April 8, 2014

What do April 8, 2014 and Microsoft have to do with you?  A whole lot if you’re still using Windows XP or Microsoft Office 2003.  4/8/14 is the final day for support of these two Microsoft products.  It’s only a few short months away, is your business ready? Now is the time to take action,…

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Dual Interface USB Thumb Drive

Just what everyone’s been looking for, a dual interface USB and micro USB thumb drive for transferring data between tablets, smartphones, laptops and computers! Standard male USB on one side and male micro USB on the other.  Perfect for transferring movies, videos, pictures and other files between devices where different USB plugins are required. No…

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