Changes Coming From Microsoft Aim to Dethrone Gmail

With the new push from Microsoft for their new email service at are you ready to to have your email transformed or like many others are you ready to switch from the free online email addresses to a more private email address of your choosing?

It’s a commonly known practice that free email providers track their user’s activities and use that information to tailor advertising and services to those users.  Google has gone even farther with their Google Now service which has the ability, through your smart phone or other device, to let you know when and where you should be.  For anyone who has been informed by their phone that they should be at work when say they’re home sick or exactly when they should be leaving to a make a calendar appointment this service has a bit of the big brother feeling to it.

Dharmesh Mehta,’s senior director said “We are trying to push people who have gotten lazy and comfortable with an email service that may not be all that great and help show them what email can really do for them.”  New features in include the ability to send larger files and address books that automatically update new contact information, via data mining, in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

For some this may be an amazing convenience for others this may be too much, too connected, too 1984.  For everyone out there it’s time to be prepared for the next generation of email service through the major free online providers or it’s time to step back to a more traditional email address.

Sure the more traditional has a price tag, but in the end the decision is really how much is your privacy worth?


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