Still Running Microsoft Windows Server 2003?

WindowsServer2003WhiteWith so many companies still tackling the upgrade or replacement of Microsoft XP computers and Microsoft Exchange 2003 servers, the last thing many want to hear is that another server operating system is also about to hit it’s End Of Life.

July 14, 2015 has been given by Microsoft as the end of life date for Windows Server 2003, meaning it will no longer be supported with security updates, other updates or patches.  Wes Miller of Directions on Microsoft says, “There are a surprising number of them (Windows Server 2003 servers) out there, in SMBs, and we’re still seeing it pretty regularly in the Enterprise space.”

Many users have stayed with Windows Server 2003 for the same reasons they’ve stayed with XP for so long; it was a good operating system that has served them well, with few issues for many years.  Miller went on to say, “Windows Server 2008 and later editions did change the game quite a bit, but a lot of people were happy with Windows Server 2003 R2.  A lot of businesses are happy with it, so there’s no motivation to change it.”

End Of Life such as this can be very frustrating for companies where the existing system is running well, or if the option to upgrade is financially prohibitive or could significantly disrupt business operations for a time.  The other side of all those concerns is that without security updates you’ll be leaving your server and likely your entire network vulnerable to attack.

As with Windows XP’s vulnerability, where recent industry experts have estimated that 20% of all users are still running Windows XP, but over 30% of cyber attacks are being aimed at those XP computers, Windows Server 2003’s vulnerability, due to lack of security updates, will be in the sights of future cyber attacks as soon as the security updates stop coming.

The good news is your’e reading this article now and have almost a full year to plan and make the transition.  You have time to consider your options and to check with your software vendors to make sure their software will be compatible with the new operating system you decide to go with.

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