Tynker – A Site To Teach “Code” – Totally Fails

Being involved in nearly all layers of technology we are all for teaching kids how to code / program from an early age.  Get them in there, get their hands dirty and see what they can make happen!  But not like this.

Like any language anyone who writes programs knows that you can get to the same place in multiple ways, depending on things like your if then statements.  Programmers will eventually write in the way that is comfortable to them, just like everyone writes letters in their own style.  Unfortunately Tynker doesn’t seem to know that.

After hearing a 2nd grader’s frustration with this website at school one of our engineers went on to play around…

See the trouble he caused:


Unfortunately for all kids on this site Tynker is very lineal and apparently isn’t open to making if then statements work, because if they finished it using 5 blocks they don’t need to go back and finish it again in 5 blocks…  Or, as our engineer insinuated is just too drunk to count properly.

Whichever is the case we do not recommend this as the place for kids to learn how to write code, unless you don’t want them to be very good at it.


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