Monthly Archives: June 2013

The PRISM Program

According to the Washington Post the NSA and FBI have been tapping directly in to the servers of nine of the biggest US Internet companies including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Facebook and Apple.  Per the document obtained by the Washington Post “Colllection directly from the servers of these US Service Providers…” Does this make you…

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To Blog or Not To Blog?

So you own or manage a local business, you’ve just met with an SEO expert and he told you that to increase website traffic and rank you should write a Blog, but is this really the right choice for you and your business? A Blog when it comes to Local SEO can be a great…

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Bloggers & Journalists

With the work in Washington D.C. to draft a new federal media shield law, the question of what exactly is blogging is being revisited.    And more importantly are Bloggers journalists or can they be considered members of the press? The new legislation comes in response to many people’s concerns over the broad subpoena by…

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