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PanScn08The Pandigital Handheld Wand Scanner (PanScn08) is the perfect gadget for the Family Historian or Genealogist who’s about to head out for a family reunion or genealogy vacation.

The Pandigital Wand Scanner, MSRP $109, available at Newegg refurbished for $29.99, is portable, includes a microSD card to scan to, and you can set the resolution, color mode, and file type.  So for those heading to a family reunion and wanting to scan copies of all the old photographs or for the very lucky original documents, like family bibles, wills, etc this Wand Scanner has the setting for you.

The one major problem is that you can’t confirm your scan was good without a computer.  The simplest solution is to take a couple of scans of each just to be sure you have what you need.

PanScn09Or another alternative is to purchase the PanScn09 by Pandigital, MSRP $120 available refurbished from $28, as it provides a thumbnail of the scanned image so you’ll know if your scan was successful.

With either choice it’s a reasonable investment to help acquire good quality scans of some priceless family photographs and treasures.

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  1. Jane Reply

    For the price, it does a very good job of scanning documents and book pages. It’s not that great for color photos. The scanner captured the image, but it is not crisp. Subtle horizontal lines are very noticeable throughout the image and there are a couple thin, vertical lines from top to bottom on the image that, I suspect, are made by the rollers as they pass over the image. However, the main reason for purchasing the scanner was to digitize the documents in my family files to reduce space in my file cabinets. It will also work well on my annual visit to the Family History Library. It is compact and easy to pack.

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