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Digital Currency’s Trouble Continues

May 28, 2013

The Secret Service has arrested five individual and seized bank accounts in connection to a $6 billion money laundering case that the authorities are describing as “staggering” and may be the largest case of international money laundering. Bank accounts and domains associated with a Costa Rican based website, Liberty Reserve, have been seized.  Liberty Reserve […]

Mt. Gox Assets Seized

May 16, 2013

In a follow up to the Dwolla / Mt. Gox / Bitcoin / DHS story, Feds have seized Mt. Gox’s Dwolla account.  Mt. Gox is accused, by the Department of Homeland Security, of violating money transfer regulations. Mt. Gox is a Japanese startup and is accused of having failed to register in the U.S. as a money transmitting company. […]

Amazon is Now in the Digital Currency Game

May 15, 2013

Amazon apparently couldn’t let BitCoins have all the fun or potential trouble with the Department of Homeland Security.  If you haven’t heard the swirl of rumors online about DHS and Bitcoins, take a look at this article.  It is not yet clear the nature of the court orders from DHS to Dwolla and per Mt. […]

Properly Destroying Data

May 9, 2013

You’ve just bought a new computer, your programs are installed and your old data has been transferred over, so what do you do with your old computer now?  Donate it?  Recycle it?  Set it in the garage to be forgotten about? But what about the data that’s on that hard drive?  Old copies of tax returns, […]

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