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How Criminals Are Exploiting Social Media

  You’ve all heard the warnings about what you post on Social Media Sites, and how it can affect your personal safety, but have you stopped to consider how it might affect your business? In Trustwave’s 2013 Global Security Report they addressed this very concerning issue. For those who watch Burn Notice and see spy Michael…

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How Secure is Your Password?

Have you stopped to consider your password security lately?  If not, you should, because password security is being considered every day by hackers. Password characters can be broken down into 4 simple categories L = lowercase letters, U = Uppercase letters, N = Numbers, and S = Special Characters, such as & * $, etc. The…

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Gmail Users Should Have No Expectation of Privacy

A brief filed by attorneys for Google has surfaced making it clear that Gmail users have absolutely no expectation of privacy when using Google’s email service. The motion is an attempt to get the class action complaint against Google, filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, dismissed. Included within…

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