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Domains for Release February 26th 8am PST

The way this year is shaping up, we will be sending out information roughly weekly on new domain names being released. This week’s releases are more expensive than the past few weeks and may be less popular.  Out for general availability Wednesday February 26th at 8:00am PST are .DIAMONDS .ENTERPRISES .TIPS .VOYAGE. .SEXY and .TATTOO…

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CrytoLocker Continues to Spread

I cannot emphasize it enough Be careful when opening any email attachment where you aren’t sure of the sender or the attachment! If you don’t know who sent it, delete it; if it’s important the person sending it to you will contact you or you can call that person yourself.  If you know the sender, but…

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CryptoLocker Was So Successful Along Came CryptorBit

CryptoLocker was, by all appearances, amazingly successful for the cyber criminal(s) who created it.  So it is not surprising that other cyber criminals wanted to join in their success. Along came CryptorBit Ransomware, aka HowDecrypt, discovered last December.  The good news about CryptorBit is that it has proven far less effective than CryptoLocker. CryptorBit targets…

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Could Your Linksys Be Infected?

Recently a new worm dubbed “TheMoon” has been discovered exploiting a known vulnerability in a number of Linksys Router models.  Once each router is infected it becomes a part of the chain and attempts to infect more Linksys routers.  Sort of like you’d imagine a zombie biting a person and turning that person into another…

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Tech Support Scams – Don’t Be A Victim

“Hello we have been notified your computer is infected.  I’m a Microsoft Tech calling to fix it for you.” Sound familiar?  I hope not, but it’s a scam that’s spreading and many people are being drawn in and taken every day.  So much so that this kind of tech support scam has grown into a…

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