Electronic Spring Cleaning & Recyling

Spring cleaning is upon us, perhaps a little earlier than expected this year. While you’re cleaning out the garage, storage, or old office space if you find something that looks like this: or this (these dust bunnies are so big they should have names): or this: or even this: Then there’s no better time than…

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Get Ready For Spring Cleaning

An often over looked part of spring cleaning is that ten year old computer sitting in the corner or those 3 ten year old computers sitting in the back of the garage.  But they don’t take up much room right and you don’t want to lose whatever important documents or files you’re sure are on those hard…

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Great News In The Battle Against Tech Support Scams

November 10, 2014 the Federal Trade Commission along with local Delray Beach Florida law enforcement raided the facilities of OMG Tech Help and Vast Tech Support effectively closing down these and related businesses for engaging in deceptive business practices by running “a multi-million dollar computer repair scheme that exploits consumers’ fears about computer viruses, malware…

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