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Who Has Seen The New Web.Com Commercial For Facebook Advertising?

May 5, 2015

We saw it for the first time this weekend and because the devil is in the details, I mean in the Terms of Service, with Web.Com we just had to go look and see how this one will be biting unsuspecting business owners in the rump later. For those who haven’t seen the commercial click […]

Fear As A Weapon To Get You To Open Infected Zip Files

May 4, 2015

While not in person, this kind of email is as much an attack using social engineering as some unknown tech who shows up saying they are there to repair your copier when you weren’t expecting it, but is really there to gain unauthorized onsite access to your network. The desired outcome is the same – […]

Shopper-Z Adware – Incredibly Intrusive Advertisements

Shopper-Z is a very annoying Adware program that displays intrusive advertisements on the websites you visit. For those who end up with this Adware installed, they will find numerous ads being injected (popping-up) whenever a web link is clicked. The ads are so invasive it makes viewing the website’s content near impossible. See an example […]

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