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Enter to Win a 480Gb SSD!

Enter to win an OCZ Vector 150 480Gb SSD Drive from Tom’s Hardware in conjunction with OCZ Storage Solutions.  The contest runs 1/31/14-2/14/14 and what a great Valentine’s Day present to yourself an SSD drive would be!  ENTER NOW! [whohit]OCZGiveaway[/whohit]…

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Another Domain Name Extension Has Been Discounted!

June 27, 2001 the first .INFO domain was registered as, Afilias is the company who operates the .INFO names.  .INFO had the unique position of being the first ever unrestricted top-level domain.  As the first new top-level domain .INFO was also a part of the first ever Sunrise Period ever run, and at the…

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Best Practices When Registering a Domain Name

So many times we’ve seen a website owner struggling to manage their domain name registration because best practices weren’t used when it was originally registered.  In many cases it was simply not knowing what the best practice is, or having paid a web designer to both create your site and register your domain name. There…

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Why Businesses Are Utilizing More .CO Domains

Has your business considered purchasing a .CO as a shortened alternative to your .COM?  .COM makes up the lions share of all domain registrations, as of January 23rd 2014, .COMs accounted for 112,454,002 of the 148,466,801 domain names registered. This can make starting a new business and getting a .COM domain name difficult, where as…

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Special Discounted Pricing for .ME Domains

If you’ve every wanted a .ME domain to setup for your personal website or email address now is the time.  .ME has over 400,000 registrations and is one of the fastest growing domain name extensions.  BUY NOW! .ME normally has a first year registration fee of $24.99, but is currently on sale for only $10.99…

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