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UPS Store On Keystone Avenue Reportedly Breached By Malware

August 22, 2014

UPS Stores have reported that malware has been found on Point of Sale (PoS) systems in 51 stores around the country including one locally on Keystone Avenue.  Twenty-four states are reported to have stores affected by this malware. This particular malware went undetected for quite sometime as it was not caught by anti-virus software.  The […]

The Trouble With PastaLeads

August 18, 2014

PastaLeads is one of the most annoying Adware out there.  This isn’t the kind of infection that just slows down your computer, this nasty piece of Adware creates a Windows service that constantly runs in the background and as if that weren’t bad enough if also configures your web browser to use a proxy server. […]

Urgent – Adobe Users Told To Update ASAP!

August 13, 2014

Adobe has issued a Security Bulletin telling users to update Adobe Reader and Adobe XI and earlier version for Windows as soon as possible as a vulnerability has been discovered that can allow for a hacker to circumvent protection for those using Windows Operating Systems. The versions affected: Adobe Reader XI (11.0.07) and earlier 11x […]

CyberVor Is Believed To Have Stolen 1.2 Billion Passwords

August 7, 2014

On the heals of the good news about CryptoLocker decryption keys being found, here’s some bad news about another cyber crime group out of Russia called CyberVor who has stolen what is believed to be the largest number of online credentials to date. The name CyberVor is not as strange as it seems, as vor […]

Decryption Keys Now Available For CryptoLocker

August 6, 2014

This is some of the best news the world of anti-viruses and anti-malware could have hoped for – FireEye in conjunction with Fox-IT have found and released a potential way to retrieve the private decryption key needed to decrypt files infected by CryptoLocker. We have previously written several articles on CryptoLocker, the ransomware that began […]

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