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ATM Hacked By 14 Year Olds – Because They Could

June 24, 2014

In this day and age where IT professionals are screaming from rooftops change your passwords, use secure passwords or better yet passphrases, we still find numerous individuals and businesses aren’t listening.  Even those that really, really should, like say your bank. In Winnepeg Canada two fourteen year old boys were able to gain access to […]

Stolen Laptops Lead to Nearly $2M In HIPAA Settlements

June 18, 2014

Stolen laptops are a concern for every business – the loss of proprietary data, compromised employee or client information and concerns over access into the business’s network, if they theft isn’t reported right away to IT staff, are just a few of the ways a lost or stolen laptop can damage a business. However if […]

.CLUB Now The Most Popular New Domain

June 5, 2014

With general availability only opening on May 17, 2014 .CLUB has come out of nowhere to take over the top spot from .GURU which had been holding steady as the most popular new domain released. As of June 4, 2014 .CLUB had registrations of 64,579 and .GURU in second with 60,216 registrations. So what makes […]

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