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Customized Email Address Special

February 19, 2013

Extended through March 31, 2013

Changes Coming From Microsoft Aim to Dethrone Gmail

With the new push from Microsoft for their new email service at are you ready to to have your email transformed or like many others are you ready to switch from the free online email addresses to a more private email address of your choosing? It’s a commonly known practice that free email providers […]

Emergency Travel Charger

February 13, 2013

Check out the Pebble Smartstick Emergency charger.  Uses battery power to charge most mobile devices.  Great for times like a weekend hike or a long day at an amusement park! Comes in pink, purple, black and silver.

Data Mining & Social Media

February 11, 2013

Riot, Rapid Information Overlay Technology, a secretly developed software with the intended use of tracking people using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook is seen by some as the next best way to track and locate criminals or determine whether someone is a “security risk”.  But, as the screenshot shows the system monitoring someone’s gym […]

Couch Surfing – Possibly the Dumbest Idea Currently Attracting College Students

February 5, 2013

Couch surfing, to those of us past the age of 30, seems relatively safe and straight forward enough.  Even the Urban Dictionary gives it a definition that would mostly fit into the acceptable: “A cheap form of lodging used mainly by college-students or recent college-grads, where one stays on acquaintance’s couches rather than a hotel. […]

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