Federal Rules of Evidence Have Changed Simplifying the Authentication of Electronic Evidence

In December 2017 an amendment was made to Rule 902 Federal Rules of Evidence, specifically relating to the process for authenticating Electronically Stored Information (ESI).  Until this amendment was passed, now included as subsections 13 and 14, litigants had to have any electronic evidence authenticated through trial testimony.  This was an expensive process.  While our…

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CryptoLocker Was So Successful Along Came CryptorBit

CryptoLocker was, by all appearances, amazingly successful for the cyber criminal(s) who created it.  So it is not surprising that other cyber criminals wanted to join in their success. Along came CryptorBit Ransomware, aka HowDecrypt, discovered last December.  The good news about CryptorBit is that it has proven far less effective than CryptoLocker. CryptorBit targets…

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Another Domain Name Extension Has Been Discounted!

June 27, 2001 the first .INFO domain was registered as afilias.info, Afilias is the company who operates the .INFO names.  .INFO had the unique position of being the first ever unrestricted top-level domain.  As the first new top-level domain .INFO was also a part of the first ever Sunrise Period ever run, and at the…

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