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Why A Local Website Hosting Company?

April 20, 2015

So you originally signed up with a nationally recognized website hosting company; they offered you a great introductory deal and they’ve been “fine” every since.  Well except when you have to call them for support, or when you wanted to add an email address but it was near impossible to get through, or when that […]

Research Report Coming Out On Ad Injectors

April 7, 2015

Google has been conducting research into browser ad injectors and while the full report isn’t going to be published until May 1st, they have released some interesting bits of information.  Ad injectors are programs that insert ads or replace existing ads on webpages you are visiting. The study is being conducted with researches at UC […]

Bloatware – A Great Reason To Buy From Top Speed

Bloatware also known as Junkware, Shovelware or Crapware is the junk that the major computer manufacturers add to your new computer making it horribly bogged down.  From Daily Mail, Bloatware can “account for up to 45% of pre-installed software on a new device.”  That’s a lot of software you don’t need and likely don’t want […]

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