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An App That Sells Your Stuff For You

September 24, 2013

Who has time to keep track of and manage those items you want to sell on eBay or Craigslist?  Usually only those who make it their job.  Well now there’s an app for the rest of us.  Sold, originally offered on iOS in April, is now available for Android users. Sold’s developers didn’t have a a […]

Great Idea to Get Your Kids Off the Computer

September 23, 2013

Having trouble getting your kids off the computer to do their choirs – this parent has an innovative solution. From [whohit]Chores[/whohit]

A Trojan Virus That Can Drain Your Bank Account Using Just Your Phone

September 20, 2013

We all knew it was going to happen eventually – Smartphones are far too tempting a target for cybercriminals to not be exploring bigger and more effective ways to profit off your Smartphone data. Most criminal Android malware currently steals from smartphone owners by sending text messages to premium rate numbers.  This kind of theft […]

Apple’s Done It Again – Another iPhone Security Issue

September 19, 2013

In recent years Apple hasn’t been known for being on the cutting edge of device security, at least not by tech pros.  Most consumers have bought into Apple’s marketing that their devices are secure and can’t get things like viruses… The newest vulnerability was discovered by Jose Rodriguez, and it involves that fancy new iOS […]

Kids, Sex & Google

September 18, 2013

Most parents who grew up in the 80’s were exposed to pornography in a similar fashion, visiting a friend’s house your friend pulled you aside and showed you a parent’s dirty magazine or perhaps you were the friend who’s parent had it and you were the one sharing with your friends.  Many probably remember the […]

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