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Which New Top Level Domain Is Most Popular – So Far

The big question, since the new domain extensions were announced, how popular will they new Top Level Domains (TLDs) be? Let’s start by putting domain registrations into perspective.   As of yesterday here are the statistics on the most commonly considered domain extensions: TLD                      …

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Another Week – Another Set of New Domain Extension

Another week, another set of new domain extensions.  Out for general availability Wednesday March 26th at 8:00am PST are .BUILDERS .TRAINING .EMAIL .SOLUTIONS .SUPPORT .BUILDERS may prove very popular for general contractors or new home construction. The rest of the release can be used a little more generically. Other than .BUILDERS these aren’t necessarily as…

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Another Example of Harmful Email

This is a great example of email that is harboring something malicious.  First it’s got that eye catching subject “Unpaid fine #2114758” causing many people to go, hey wait I don’t have any fines, let alone any unpaid fines!!!   The body of the email basically says you need to get your fine paid and even…

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