Which New Top Level Domain Is Most Popular – So Far

The big question, since the new domain extensions were announced, how popular will they new Top Level Domains (TLDs) be?

Let’s start by putting domain registrations into perspective.   As of yesterday here are the statistics on the most commonly considered domain extensions:

TLD                                   Net Gain / Loss                      Total

COM                                  -17,688                                     112,952,656

NET                                    -4,287                                       15,117, 042

ORG                                    -1,488                                        10,417,368

INFO                                   -2,102                                         5,680,276

BIZ                                        -262                                         2,659,713

US                                          334                                          1,824,310

MOBI                                     -794                                          1,042,404

Interestingly 5 of the 6 TLDs with over a million registrations all had a net loss.  Could that be indicative of a move toward the new TLDs?  Only time will tell.

2013 Domains

So which of the new TLDs is performing best?  Keep in mind with these figures that new TLDs are being released weekly with HOLDINGS, VENTURES, SINGLES, CLOTHING, GURU and BIKE having had the most time on the market.

Thus far the best performers are:

TLD                                                        Total Registrations To Date

GURU                                                       45,320

BERLIN                                                     40,573

PHOTOGRAPHY                                         28,998

TRAVEL                                                    18,845

TIPS                                                        16,432

TODAY                                                     16,253

TECHNOLOGY                                           11,580

DIRECTORY                                              10,569

COMPANY                                                  9,862

CLOTHING                                                  9,319

LAND                                                         9,207

BIKE                                                          9,094

GALLERY                                                    8,746

ESTATE                                                     7,888

CENTER                                                     7,712

Some of these were not domains we expected to be at the top.  For instance as .BERLIN is a Geo Specific domain and you had to show residency to purchase it, the success of this domain is surprising, although that does bode well for .KIWI coming out soon.

.COMPANY is another one that’s a bit of a surprise, as .BIZ and .CO are already available along with the standard .COM and .NET this one was not seen as a likely choice.

.GURU came out in the first release although it is surprising that it has been so popular.  Apparently a lot of people / companies are using this to show they are a mentor or leader in their field.

The popularity of industry specific .PHOTOGRAPHY is not surprising, that’s a great way to brand yourself.  .TRAVEL and .TIPS were also not surprising as many people would clearly lean towards those for blogs.  .DIRECTORY was another one expected to be popular with directories being such an integral part of the the Internet.

At the very bottom of the list of domains that have been released to general sales – .TATTOO, .LIMO, and .CAB – these 3 were all part of recent releases and are very industry specific, so their current sales will be a combination of those factors.

As more domains are released we’ll keep you up-to-date on releases and statistics on sales.

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