Apple’s Done It Again – Another iPhone Security Issue

iPhoneIn recent years Apple hasn’t been known for being on the cutting edge of device security, at least not by tech pros.  Most consumers have bought into Apple’s marketing that their devices are secure and can’t get things like viruses…

The newest vulnerability was discovered by Jose Rodriguez, and it involves that fancy new iOS 7 we’ve all been hearing so much about.  It’s a very simple bug that will allow anyone to go right by your lockscreen, look through and even share your pictures.

Here are the steps from the Jose Rodriguez video:

  • Swipe up on the locked phone to get to the control panel
  • Open the stopwatch app
  • Go over to alarm clock
  • Hold the power button until you get the Power Down prompt
  • Hit the cancel button and immediately hit the home button twice, hold it down just a little longer on the second press.

It feels a little like working on the special moves on a video game, but that’s all the more reason those savvy with electronics will have no trouble getting the hang of it.

So what do you find after you’ve mastered these steps?  You’ll find your located in the person’s multitasking menu, from there you can go into the camera app and peruse at your leisure, or share – email, Twitter, FB, G+, really the list is endless.

Who wants to bet this is where the next unauthorized topless celebrity selfie will come from?  And how many people are currently considering how to get their hands on someone’s iPhone right now?  Now that’s a scary question!

Gizmodo was able to replicate this bug on an iPhone 4s and an iPhone 5.  Jose Rodriguez has also shown it working on an iPad as well.

There is an easy prevention, for now, to this vulnerability, got to Settings, Control Center and toggle off “Access on Lock Screen”.




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