What is the Cost of a Free Wix Website?

We’re using Wix as an example, but you could substitute a number of other big name Free website advertisers, like Web.com for a lot of this information. Where there’s an important difference we’ll include that as well. We chose Wix because a client of ours was considering using their free service for a new website…

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Is Breaking A Password Really Like Mr. Robot?

Have you been locked out of an account due to entering the wrong password too many times? That was rhetorical; unless your password is “password” (and it better not be) everyone has managed to lock themselves out. Even someone using “password” can manage it if they don’t realize Caps Lock is on. But here’s the…

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A Strange Twist In The Ransomware Saga

Apparently one of the Ransomware developers has almost grown a conscience.  His or her name is Tox and Tox claims on Pastebin.com that his / her “brilliant idea” has become “too hot for me to handle” so he / she’s getting out of the Ransomware business, although Tox is willing to sell his / her…

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