Accelerated Book Reading App for Android

Many children are now participating in the AR™ program within their schools and as a result many students, parents, teachers, and administrators are looking for easier ways to quickly access book level and point information. If you’re looking for an easier way to find this information, then this application is the answer you are looking for. Simply scan the barcode of the book you are looking at and find out within seconds if it has an available quiz, what book level it is, and how many points that test would be.

The app uses multiple search functions to locate the correct book, but does occasionally bring up false results, the issue seems to be most prevalent with older books where the same barcode was used for multiple books in a series.

All-in-all a very useful tool for the parent who is tired of hand typing in each book to see if it meets their child’s book level and required points.

AR Book Finding App

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