“Can you call me back on a land line?”

Retro Handset

If that is a question you’ve ever uttered when receiving a call on your cell phone, boy do we have the gadget for you!  With some smartphones being difficult to hold and be able to multi-task with having  the ability to hold a receiver with your shoulder can be a must have.

The iClooly Retro Handset works with smartphones that have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

And for those concerned about diminished audio quality through the headset, almost all reviewers said that the audio quality was “great”.



Cordless Handset

Or if you’d prefer a cordless option, as may be a better in home solution, this Bluetooth Smartphone Handset takes up relatively little room on a countertop or desk and allows you the freedom to move around while talking.

Whether you need one at home, at the office or both the the smartphone headset may be just what you need to keep your hands free while talking on your cell phone.


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