How Safe is Your Data?

In the past, most security professionals prioritize external hacks over internal threats. More recently the concern has shifted to the potential for internal data leaks – accidental and malicious.

Some good news, most internal breaches are considered to be unintentional. This typically occurs when employees break internal security procedures or protocol, circumventing tools and practices that are designed to keep system and network integrity. Have you ever let a child or someone use your company laptop (or other devise)? They might not know what the data means but security has now been compromised; this is the second most common internal breach. The company’s laptop (or other devise) being stolen or lost is the most common.

Protecting your company’s data is important and there has been a growing concern with employees obtaining copies of sensitive company data. Varying reports show a national growth for internal breaches at a minimum rate of 35% over the past eight months. The common reason for this change in employee’s behavior is preparation for layoffs or terminations. This raises several questions:

  • Which employee’s might not feel secure in their positions?
  • What data does the employee have access too?
  • How sensitive is the data?
  • What can you do to protect your company’s sensitive material?

Flash drives and CD/DVD’s are the most common media used to remove data from company devices. Knowing what security is in place is key to curbing the potential for breaches. There are many options available to deter or limit the information that can be removed from company devices. You might already own some of the security options and have never put them in place. Make sure that your data and company is protected for your business future.

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