Is your IT budget out of control?

Has your Business experienced unpredictable IT costs? The solution is Managed Services. Managed Services help Businesses that need secure and stable technologies, especially those operating on a tight budget during the recession.

Unpredictable IT costs have a direct correlation to your IT frustrations and challenges. In general, business IT challenges incorporate downtime costs, misaligned objectives, lack of accountability, and (of course) unpredictable IT costs – it’s a vicious cycle. The leader in unpredictable IT costs is unpredictable downtime. This means you have no one in the office being productive and you’re losing revenue generation. Wait, there’s more. You have to pay for the repair to get back up. In short, you’re losing money and you get to pay for the downtime. Why not pay to keep your network up instead of paying to get it backup once it’s gone down?

IT challenges come in many different shapes and sizes and all of them affect the budget. Are you mitigating risk and exposure of failure of your technology by being proactive in the care and upkeep of all your business technology? Traditional IT Services are reactive and use a ‘fire fighting’ approach, the bigger the fire – the more it’ll cost. Just as the slogan goes, “Only you can prevent forest fires/wildfires.” Why wait for the accident to happen when the majority of them can be prevented?

A Managed Services solution has total cost predictability, maximizes system reliability and performance, improved security, focuses on issue avoidance and service optimization, and provides a complete IT management solution. You don’t wait for your vehicle to stop working before you get it serviced and your network should be the same way.

Managed Services features unlimited support, advanced security management, storage and recovery management, and provides a virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO). In more detail:
   • Unlimited Support
      o Preventative maintenance plan on servers, workstations and all network devices
      o Response to any network issues that arise
      o Emergency rapid response and after hours availability
      o End-user access to technical support staff
      o Asset, license and warranty management
   • Advanced Security Management
      o Firewall and perimeter management
      o Antivirus management
      o Spam and virus mail filtering
      o Vulnerability scanning and remediation
      o Security policy creation and enforcement
      o Specialized security reporting
      o Wireless and remote user security management
   • Storage and Recovery Management
      o Backup management
      o Remote data vaulting and other custom storage solutions
   • Virtual CIO
      o Report and recommend on chronic and acute issues
      o Planning for avoidance of both acute and chronic issues
      o Incident and maintenance review
      o Capacity, migration, asset refresh strategy and planning
      o Ongoing IT budgeting assistance and consulting
      o Recommendations for changes to support plan

A Managed Services program is more affordable than you might think. For the businesses with IT people, there are Supplemental programs that can complement the existing infrastructure you all ready have – making you look better at your job! What is the cost of your success? Contact DataBits News or our sponsor ACT to set up your Complimentary Consultation.

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