Notable Cyber Attacks – March

fraudMarch 2014 was a busy month for cyber crime. Below is a list of just some of the attacks that occurred.

  • The Smucker Company had to notify an undisclosed number of customers that had placed online orders that their personal information may have been accessed by hackers.
  • Anonymous Ukraine hackers defaced several websites from Poland, warning that their country could have the same fate as Ukraine.
  • Detroit notified about 1700 EMS employees that their personal information may have been compromised by malware.
  • On the heels of the Mt. Gox hack that put Mt. Gox into bankruptcy, Flexcoin a Bitcoin “bank” shut down after 896 Bitcoins were stolen during a cyber attack. ┬áRoughly $500,000 USD at the time of the theft.
  • North Dakota University notified more than 290,000 former and current students and staff that their personal information may be at risk after an unauthorized person gained access to one of the servers.
  • 282,000 credit cards belonging to Sally Beauty are found for sale in an underground market.
  • Poloniex, another Bitcoin exchange is hacked, 76.69 Bitcoins reported stolen.
  • The SEA, Syrian Electronic Army, published invoices leaked from Microsoft indicating it charges the FBI to view customers’ information.
  • Auburn University College of Business server was hacked, possibly compromising the information of 14,000 current and former students and staff.
  • Hamas hactivists hacked into a news website in Israel and flooded many Israeli cell phones with texts threatening them with rocket strikes or kidnappings.
  • Basecamp, an online collaboration service, was hit by a DDoS attack as they attackers threatened to continue the attack until a ransom was paid.
  • Over 200 credit card numbers were stolen by by hackers who installed malware on the POS system of El Agave Restaurant.
  • The official website of the Israeli Agricultural Research Organization was defaced by hacktivist AnonGhost.

Targeted attacks, attacks of opportunity, in persona and via the Internet March was another busy month in the world of cyber crime and hacktivism.

For more information on any of the above or a more detailed list of attacks in March click here.



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