This Scam Email is Unforntunately Going to Fool A Lot of People

This one very well done, still a total scam, but done in such a way as to fool a lot of people.

It’s got that scare factor, “Pretrail Notice”, “Notice to appear in court”, that’s HOLY CRAP attention grabbing sort of stuff.  Next you look at the email address and it is using the name of a real law firm in New York, among other locations around the world, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP.

Then they get you with the catch, “…the detailed pretrial notice attached to this letter, you are highly recommended to study it thoroughly in advance.”

You’re feeling slightly panicked, these people obviously have the wrong person, but what do I do now?  I better open that attachment and see what on earth it says! – and now they’ve got you.  Whatever malicious item is in that attachment is exactly what the scammers were trying to get you to open all along and you’ve just unleashed it on your computer.

Now is the time to pray it’s not the CryptoLocker Ransomware Virus!  Read more about CryptoLocker here.  But no matter what it is, it’s something you don’t want on your computer and you need to take steps to get it removed immediately!

Email Scam

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  1. peter t Reply

    I got these e-mails. No specific court system can be found. I DON’T BELIEVE IN THESE CRAP, and expect these notices to arrive in person or by mail.

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